You’re beautiful, I see that now.


How you speak, how you gently lean to listen and stare at my eyes like you’re reading them like a book.

How you play with my hair, how your finger dances, caressing me whilst your head is half somewhere.


How your eyes glimmer because of something I must have said

or something you’re imagining in your melodramatic head.


Yes, those sleepy looking eyes at night and in the morning,

I can’t wait to see them, you waking up next to me – blazing, lazily looking at my eyes smiling, saying nothing.

Only thinking about making love and coffee. And probably waffles, berries and strawberries. With cream. Lots of cream!


Your hands, your imperfect hands, perfectly lures me when you touch me.

It comforts me, marvellously. Zealously fits my unperfect small hands.


The way you laugh, your kisses, your hugs – your presence,

the peace and calmness you bring, like I’m a riverbank, it’s quiet and still.


Strange, hey, how last year we were just friends and how I only saw you strictly like ‘them’.

How we’ve been walking and serving on the same ground yet thinking and imagining how we’ll someday meet –

how all these will happen…


But you’re here, I’m here. We’re here now, I see you. And we’re different. You’re different.

My heart’s different. Our hearts ablaze. We’re in love and swept away.


I am turned, treasured and given away.

To you, bestowed to be your best friend, your future wife and your most loyal companion.

Your Ruth, Jonathan and Aaron.


The things you do, for our community, our church, our family, for me and the Lord,

makes you far more beautiful, valiant and noble that every woman would fight for

in worship, prayer, and devotion.


There’s nothing I would want more, but to know that the hand that firmly wrote our love story,

truly gave you to me as a gift, purposely from the beginning.

Like the way, He knitted me from my mother’s womb.

Beautifully knit together – our lives intertwined,

spliced to be together for a reason.


So before that day comes, that day when you look at me,

walking towards you, all dressed in white, smiling, and probably crying, before we say our most significant

‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,

to love and to cherish, to hip-hop and to rock, till death do us part’

and before we seal it with a hot blazing kiss,

I will be your beautiful; worshiping and serving the Lord,

and you’ll be my knight in shining armour, armed with a spiritual sword.

Well postured, ready to fight the five-hundred-pound lion wherever we go.

All for His glory, grace bound to share who He is, and His story.


For now, I’m enjoying the view. I’m enjoying you.

So excuse me whilst I take a ‘nap’ savour this moment, whilst time takes its course.

Because love will one day, someday be awakened.

I will blissfully dance towards our brand new poetry and romance.

Esteemed for His promise, for you and ONLY for you to forever keep.


Like the frost on a rose, like a seed in the snow,

I’ll be patiently waiting for you to come home.


Continue the rest of ‘the story’ with me,

we’ll row our boat in the riverbanks and we’ll grow, go, serve, and worship;

We’ll bask to see His signs and wonders on our journey.


I hope you find this as a gift because you are to me,

and everything else that comes with it.


I miss already. Come home soon.


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