Today marks the seventh month after my vision.
A glimpse of joy that led me here.
We’re here, I’m here, in love,
I’m in love – honey, ‘WE’.


We’re together!


The waiting is finally over, but yes oh yes, we’re still waiting.
for us to be ‘united’ one day someday, forever.


No, right now is not the time for us to waver.


Honey hold my hand, I don’t want you to go anywhere…
because I’m not going ever, not even later.


I know, I know, you promised you won’t
But come what may, no matter what storm,
promise you’ll stay


never let go.


But yes, oh yes, together we will GO! Definitely,
that adventure He promised, remember?
That seed that we sowed?
Those time well spent waiting, now it’s time to venture,
to travel and go. It’s harvest time – in the season of snow.


Like how we start our day, sealed with a kiss,
let’s approach each moment, each day, embraced,
protected and secured by the amazing grace.


honey, I’m here…
like then, when I promised I’ll wait,
now, right now, now that we know, it’s clear.


Baby, I’m yours,
even without a ring.


But ok, fine! Until He says it’s time,
I promise I’ll walk with you wherever you go.
wherever THE ROAD may lead you, wherever it may be,
may it be anywhere warm or cold, may it be anywhere high or low,
honey, I promise, I’ll be there – I’m staying, I’m not letting go.


Am I saying this too early though or am I sounding crazy?
Yea, maybe…
But hey, I’m in love
I love you… so much, and I’m not playing.


I’m serious when I said I’m here now. So I’ll BE HERE NOW.
I’m enjoying the view – I’m enjoying you. Honey, I see you…


You know you’re so beautiful, I see that now, very well.
There’s so much to say and so much to adore
but I’ll save that for later. Umm… yea, hmmm… Later.


But hey, I mean it though that I’d rather not say it so much – that I LOVE YOU.
that I’d rather prove to you and assure you through my actions
Because I really do… and it’s more than words.


Although I know, you said you love me more
This time I won’t disagree, I won’t argue
but rather, I’ll say…


Honey, I love you too. Know that I don’t need sunbursts or marble halls…
I just want you.

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