You could have made us fall in love in a second,
instead, you made a love story for us to be in awe of your glory

Although the waiting is hard and painful,
you proved to be the God of power and greatness
You came through and made us fall to our knees

That season where we didn’t know what’s to come,
You made Your promise more profound

and wrote it not in the visibility of our own flesh and mind,
but in Your word, You deeply rooted in our spirit
intertwined for our hearts to hear and notice

You made it tangible for us to…
walk it obediently
not regarding our flesh and what we see
bend our knees in humility,
drawing closer to You more than ‘the story’

…and that true north you pointed us to follow through,
that led us to the triad of a symphony
that hums a new melody
brands anew for everyone to hear and cheer

Now shows the harvest you promised
in the green, not just a silver lining
at the hill, in the rose garden
a sunburst of summer glow
Spirits at rest, hearts at peace
The sun’s at its brightest

which led us to walk on waters
unknowingly befalling in your glory
rooting our feet in the sand, unto your story
making sense of what was then seeding
From that glimmer of future,
you abruptly showed me from the beginning

Now reminds me of my words and your promise year past then…
That if and when, and that ‘someday when’

those words I deeply groaned and asked for you to firmly bestow me of…

not of WHO and WHAT
or HOW, and WHEN

but of WHERE for it to begin.

And in that garden, you promised…
Years later, I saw him.

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