Do the Impossible

I surrender myself to you
My thoughts, my feelings, my heart

Captivate me because Lord
I’m only looking to you now.

My life is yours, have it your way
Use it however way you want it

Take me to places I haven’t been
Bless my hands and multiply everything I put my hands upon.

In my stubbornness and pride,
may your grace always put me into my knees

Whatever it is that I think I need,
Whatever it is that I put above you,
I give you permission to take them all away

And humble me, constantly until I know the depth of where you should always be in my life – ABOVE and GREATER than all things, even my heart, and my soul.

Forgive me for all my sins…
Forgive me for all my lacks
Forgive for all I have done, from the beginning of my being and for all that I will ever do until I’m gone.

My heart is fully yours
Don’t let it love anything above and greater than You.

But Father in confusion,
In a place that is filled with darkness and pollution,

Help me discern what is right and wrong.
Help me hear your voice, loud and clear in the midst of the noise of this world

Help me find your real presence and glory in the midst of all the thick cloud air that is blinding my senses and sight.

And when the sun is not out and about,
Strongly assure me that you never leave me nor forsake me.
Lord, that you are closer than my breath.

Right now,
My heart is not telling me what is right and what is wrong.
My mind is not processing and understanding what is and what is not.

Your words are my only weapon and strength.
Rain in my life and make miracles.

Do the impossible.

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