Dark Room

God develops us in the dark room of life. He gives us a glimpse of our destiny then He takes us into a dark room and He put us through a series of processes over time where He forges his image on the inside of us. It’s not about what we’re gonna do for Him, it’s how much LIKE HIM we become. It’s not about how many likes we get on our Instagram, it’s how LIKE JESUS we become. And when you have a generation that tries to bypass the process, then the spotlight that is on you will destroy you because the light has not yet developed within you to be able to contain the light that’s on the outside of you. You must make Him who is in you greater that anything out there.

Do not confuse social media and instant access to everything with the way that God builds a destiny. God has only ever built it one way and that’s in anonymity, that’s in obscurity. That’s where God takes you to places where you are unrecognised, where you are unapplauded, where you are unappreciated, where you perhaps are overlooked, where you perhaps are unwanted. And God says ‘let me see how you are when the spotlight is not on you bcoz IF YOU CAN SURVIVE THERE, YOU’VE GOT A BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVING WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON YOU ON THE OUTSIDE.

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