Endlich zu Hause!

Here it is.

One word.

Making everything to date now part of chapters passed, with an

Epiphany; a moment of sudden and great realisation, as light affliction gives way to glory that will forever last.

How have we got to the edge?

One instruction at a time,

Moving where the cloud goes and river flows,

Engaged in His poetry, present in His stanzas, at peace with His syncopation, joy with every rhyme.

Heaven is where this story, with purpose, was started,

Obedience helped keep it there thereon, like that of

Mary and Joseph whose old lives were soon departed, as they

Entered as conduits to this world for the humble but profound Holy Spirit conceived Son.

Having set up our road signs, put up our sign posts, to make the trip there,

Ordered our steps, turning our weakness into strength,

Making the impossible possible and telling us ~ selah ~ stop and stare,

Ever deeper in the water, He’ll finish what He started, through Him we’ll go the whole length, of the

Highway that we’re choosing, the road

Out is the road back, to His plan,

Minds moving from double to single no more confusing,

Embracing love, devotion, and information; the woman returns to the man.

However until He calls her there,

Our battle remains firmly in heaven,

“My soul will wait and remain still in your presence”, she promises,

Ephesians three twenty is His, as is Jeremiah twenty-nine eleven.

He doesn’t give as the world gives, so

Open your mouth and get ready to feast,

Milk and honey is on the menu,

Earth’s mouth will swallow the river spewed by the dragon’s, as God’s gracious hand allows our foot to trample the beast.

His answer to ‘if’ is hidden in this story,

One day, someday, without sunburst, the ‘when’ He’ll arouse,

Magnified by His parting of the river for His glory, we’ll cross over;

Endlich zu hause!

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