I love you, more than I know…

You’re beautiful.

Your grace pierces me, it overwhelms my soul.

It changes the direction of my life, it points me north when my flesh is pulling me south.

The splendour of your mercy bends my knee, It pours all the tears out of me.

I cannot comprehend, I cannot utter the words, I can’t say anything at all.

God, you are good, your goodness floods my soul. There’s no greater joy than the joy you have crowned me.

You have overcome my life. I am forever yours.
Lock me in your presence, don’t let me go.

Even at the altar, when I am to be handed to the man you promised, stay close to me like never before.

You said you’re holding me up with your victorious right hand.

You’ve captured me, I am fully surrendered to you.

Until you call me home, my soul will wait and remain still in your presence, your glory, and in the splendour of your mercy.

I love you, more than I know…

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