Oh what a joy, to see you, my Joy
all glammed, blithe, joyous for what would be your most glorious day.

I think about the day,
times back then when all these was just a fantasy
a dream we never thought could become a reality.

Oh yes, it’s funny. We’ve always known it’s happening, it’s coming…
But now, right now, we’re here,
It’s transpiring, befalling, I’m crying, we’re pre-celebrating!

Close your eyes and surely not long
’til it’s your wedding! Hearts raising! Oh yes, I’m feeling it!

Joy, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, you’re lovely.
Your beauty, inside out was a privilege to witness since we were young and childish.

The love you’ve given since you knew me
Only God knows when you’ve first laid eyes on me (oh yes),
was a testament which I’d say, I will die for you, ’til the end.

But hey, let’s not talk about dying. Coz man, I promise on your wedding, I’ll be crying.

So right now, sweet Joy, my lovely favourite Joy.
I’m happy for you. For what is to come, for what you’ve become and what you’ll be becoming.
A lady, a mighty woman, a princess, a wife, someday a mother, and forever Andre’s queen.

But before then and before that day comes,
remember this moment, where all us here,
your favourite people gather to celebrate what could be one of your most cherished moments.

I say, Joy, you did well with your waiting.

You honoured God with your love story and, for that, I am proud of you. We’re proud of you.

I admire and adore you. For reflecting what I believe is God’s heartbeat for each one of us here.
To have a love story, firmly written by the Lord, specifically for us from the beginning.

Joy, I am your Joyce, not just Xel but your favourite Joyce.
I don’t always see you but know that I love you, so much.
So near or far, countries or seas apart, I’m here for you, always. Don’t forget that.

Here’s your new beginning, new adventures and new stories.

I love you Mrs Joy Cabrera! xx

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