Today shoots hope
but hearts raise like it can’t cope
Somewhere between a new and an old song
A woman’s hope is torn

‘Run, dear run.
to the new garden, I’ve sprung.
There, there’s a new hope and a sun
it’ll be bright, it’ll be new
like a song that’s never been sung.”

“A new melody will arise.
With its brightest sunshine,
bells will sound its splendid chimes.
There in the garden of promise, you’ll see,
he’ll be there waiting, for him to take your hand.”

He’ll say “Go, dazzle, swing your pure white dress and dance.
Come to me and we’ll sing this new song that’s never been sung.”

“I say run, woman of valour, go haste, run.
There in the garden of promise, a new hope awaits and stands.”

Dance your way to the King, he’s there waiting, for Him to take you as his queen.

“My most precious, valuable treasure.” In the garden of promise, he’ll sing.

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