the deaf could hear Him

In Christ, there is no language barrier. Even the deaf could hear Him. I was listening to a Spanish Hillsong of Oceans and I realise, worship does not stop any person from any languages of a song. The Spirit can stir us at any time, at any moment just as God can speak to us openly in many ways. And from this, I realise I’ve been deaf, but I heard him. I could hear Him. Not until I stopped and listened.

I don’t want to be the person who missed it. The Bible says ‘Salvation is so easy that wise people lose it.’ To me, this speaks in such a way where…. I’m losing the meaning of success, which even who strives misses it. Wealth is not defined in how much you make or what how much you earn or how much you achieve in life. Yes, partly it is true but… Real wealth is defined according to who CHRIST is to you and who you are to Him. That wealth is not determined by money. It is defined by what God says he will achieve in your life. That is by trusting him, by listening and by LOOKING AT HIM is HOW we gain wealth and success. Not by how much the world says we have to learn and how much we have to grasp in able to equip ourselves. IT IS BY TRUSTING AND BELIEVING AND LOOKING AT HIM that enables ourselves to achieve and Does THINGS that we can never imagine we can ever do in our life.

Living with Christ is not ordinary and thus to achieve life and success and wealth are not ordinary. But it is possible if you look at Him. IF WE LOOK AT CHRIST.

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