This Gentleman’s Standard

“I think it’s time to set a standard”. You said. As I sat on the steps at the end of a Sunday morning.
It was your mind that I hoped could be read, while your mouth was in motion, about how through our serving we might adorn Him.
I am so grateful for your obedience,
In this route that we’re taking,
Guided by the Spirit, I hope,
To prevent our hearts from,
Once again, breaking.
There’s no knowing,
Where we’ll end up after this;
Brother and sister;
Moving on with our individual journeys,
Man and wife;
Sealed at the top of the aisle,
 – with a kiss.
But there’s One who knows all,
The One with the plan,
With His hands on the door handle,
This great but gentle man.
And while we were talking about cameras,
And the angles on the screen,
“It’s time to set a standard”
Were your words,
I highlighted in green.
Green is for go,
This is the direction we now face,
For the gentleman’s standard we know, is one we can reach by His grace.
To go; we needed to slow down,
To stop.
“For any happiness,
Even in this world,
Quite a lot of restraint is going to be necessary.”
For mere Christianity,
We are called to stand up and stand out,
As disciples of Jesus, our voice is found through our patience;
For in our silence we shout.
Amongst the noise from these three; opinion, gossip, and advice,
To find at once all the answers,
We do not need to look twice.
It is not a mystery or far away,
It’s not bound to history,
Or up in heaven that we should say,
“Whose going to go up there to bring it down”,
And it is not beyond the sea,
That to try to hear it we’ll drown.
The word that we need is near us,
In our mouth and in our heart,
That the traffic lights we are waiting at,
Foot hovered over the pedal,
Getting ready to press down,
To start.
To press down we press on,
In the land of the living,
Not the dead,
Forgetting what is behind,
We strain forward,
Expectant to see what lies ahead.
To love the Lord our God,
To walk in His ways,
To keep:
His commandments,
His statutes,
His judgements.
This is how we’ll live and multiply,
And how He’ll bless in the land we’re going to possess.
So possessed by the gentleman,
We must be,
And not let our heads turn away,
So we do not see,
So we do not lose the ability to hear,
So that we’re not drawn away,
By idolatry, lust, doubt, or fear.
Cling to Him.
He is your life,
And the length of your days,
This is His high calling,
This is His standard,
That like Jesus; He raised.
From death,
His breath,
Will enter these many dry bones and bring them to life,
And the weeping of the night will be followed by daylight and a laugh,
So Lord give us the patience to pray and read,
Using the lamp for our feet,
And the light on our path.
And when You give us the answers,
Through Your word we’ll be handed,
Whichever way we run from there,
Forever more, let’s fly high;
This Gentleman’s Standard.
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