The Power of Longing God Through Submission

As Eliphaz argued with Job about Job’s anger and complaints with God, He stated “Submit to God and you will have peace; then things will go well for you. Listen to his instructions, and store them in your heart.” – Job 22:21-22

The passage spoke to me clearly as I started my fasting yesterday. I may not always understand God’s purpose for my life, just as I can’t comprehend why He’s particularly allowing things to happen, the verse always fit right wherever my complaints stands – submission. Yes, submission and obedience. And so that’s why God placed a desire in my heart to seek Him more through prayer and fasting.

Though I must admit, submission doesn’t come easy, obedience takes a leap of discipline and self-control, and it takes me to overly deny my pride and ego to learn and apply it properly in my life. And even then, I still find it hard and frustrating. God captured my heart through what I desired the most, to know what plans He has for me. I clearly understand Jeremiah 29:11, but in the midst of adversity, understanding Jeremiah 29:11 doesn’t always make sense. Otherwise, until we actually learn the aspect and the act of submission, the faith steps in.

As I’ve grown and desired so much, I’ve not only desired to know God more, but to hear what He has to say about my walk with Him, and all the things He has planned for my life – how He wants to direct and redirect my plans from how I’ve had it before to how I should have it now, and more. As I’ve set this as my goal whilst I pray and fast, He’s been teaching me how to see things through His eyes – through impossible, through peace and through faith. By submission, discipline and self-control are the means of a breakthrough to what God has for me. And so as my spirit awaits and dwells in Him, I long to worship God more through obedience – through fasting.

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