You are enough for me

It is YOU that I long for…

When I wake up and I feel that emptiness embracing me
that silence that penetrates all that is within me
it is really You that I long for, to heal, redeem and restore me

When I desire to be held and reassured
it is Your face that I look for

Your LOVE is why I breathe
Your GRACE is why I live

It is Your voice that I want to hear
You, whom I yearn to wipe all my sorrow and tears

In quietness where my heart skips a beat,
When I deem and only hear me breathe,
it is in Your presence where I want to stay ceaselessly

It is in Your spirit where I want my life to be found
It is in Your arms where I want to be held and bound

Whatever season I’m in, I know Lord You’re more than enough for me

You are enough for me.

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